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Pct. 2 Deputies Exhibit Great Restraint In Shooting Incident

Updated: May 1, 2018

Constable's Deputies Greg Papst and Chelsea Anderson showed up to a house on Friday March 30th for what seemed like an ordinary routine eviction case. The deputies entered the residence and proceeded to check for signs if anybody was present in the home. After realizing someone was there, they called out for the person to come out and show themselves. The man came out from around the corner and then retreated back to a bedroom. The two deputies were trying to communicate with the man when they heard metal clicking sounds that indicated the man was loading a gun so they retreated outside and called for backup. Shortly afterwards, three shots rang out as the two deputies were outside the front door.

The two officers were shouting to the man to come out unarmed and give up peacefully. After a few moments, the man emerged from the front door with his hands up and was taken into custody without further incident. As our Pct. 2 Special Response Team and Austin Police Department arrived, the situation became clearer. The man had attempted to take his own life but only had a minor injury to the hand. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

In any kind of incident such as this, virtually every outcome is not a favorable one. With training and crisis management skills, these two officers showed calmness and restraint initiating an outcome with no serious injury or loss of life. This office would also like to thank the Austin Police Department for a swift response and assisting on this day.

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