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Pct. 2 Spotlight On Deputy Vincent Dodd

In this issue, we are beginning a new feature in the newsletter that chronicles the outstanding people in our office called Pct. 2 Spotlight. Designed to share background and information on our Deputies and Office Employees, Pct. 2 Spotlight will provide an opportunity for the public to get to know our team. This month, the Spotlight will focus on Deputy Vincent Dodd.

Dodd was born and raised in southeast Louisiana and has been working his entire life since 10th grade. He graduated from Louisiana Tech in 1985 with a nursing degree and immediately started working as a Registered Nurse. In his 21 years as a nurse in teaching hospitals around the country and in inner cities, Vincent has seen many different aspects of medicine and trauma.

After moving to Austin in 2006, Vincent wrote a book available on Amazon titled "Suffer Less In Death". He wrote the book after experiencing death in the Emergency Room and I.C.U. The book, while a heavy and often avoided topic, was written to empower people with answers while talking openly about the subject and its inevitability.

Dodd enrolled in the Police Academy in 2006, considering law enforcement as an opportunity to prevent crisis and trauma after seeing the aftermath of crisis and trauma in hospitals as a nurse. While at the academy, he met Constable Adan Ballesteros, who was an instructor at the time. After graduating in 2007, Adan invited him to join the Travis County Constable Office Pct. 2 where Vincent has been working ever since.

Dodd has spent most of his tenure at Pct. 2 on the Civil Unit and is especially experienced in the resolution of writs of execution. A writ of execution is a court order that is granted to begin the transfer of assets, money or property as the result of a legal judgment. It allows for a Constable to enforce the judgment given from the the court to the plaintiff. In these cases, Vincent says it is his goal to treat all parties with respect and neutrality due to the nature of these judgments.

Deputy Vincent Dodd says it is an honor to work with the diversity and experience of everyone at Pct. 2. He is the first person many go to at the office when dealing with any health issues. He is always prepared to render aid with his first aid and trauma kit when coming across a traffic accident, saying "I'm still a nurse everyday, I'm just not in scrubs!"

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