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Community Outreach Extends to Davis Elementary

When the opportunity came about to help our 3rd grade friends at Davis Elementary, Constable Adan Ballesteros Deputies could not turn the invitation to volunteer down. The 3rd grade Dolphin’s (school mascot) were tasked with an art project to paint murals on the outside of their portable buildings. Each class had the opportunity to choose their theme, showcasing what they’ve learned throughout the year.

Davis Elementary serves over 650 students in Austin, from pre-K through 5th grade; and focuses on world cultures, teaching Spanish, German, French, and Latin. They also have a range of academics, including Marine Sciences, which can be seen throughout each mural. Precinct 2 Deputies were among the few volunteers that morning, helping keep the kids safe while on ladders. Deputies also interacted with the children by learning new art skills and techniques, hearing their passion for science, and testing their reflexes - by avoiding flying paint from excited new artists. Constable Ballesteros would like to thank Davis Elementary for the wonderful morning and wish all of our friends a Happy and Safe Summer Break.

Community involvement helps us to understand, collaborate, and support our neighborhoods in Precinct 2. We look forward to new partnerships and if you have an event or idea you would like Constable Ballesteros Office to be involved in, please contact us.

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