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Pct. 2 Spotlight On Sgt. Dwight Bertram

For this month in our Pct. 2 Spotlight, we profile Sgt. Dwight Bertram, currently the sergeant over the civil operations of this office and a civil process instructor. He has worked for the Travis County Constable Office Pct. 2 for 16 years, mostly specializing in civil law. Sgt. Bertram admits civil law is a tremendous responsibility in which understanding the rules and codes and how they apply in all processes is the most important aspect.

“My number one main priority is to prevent liability to this office. This is a very challenging situation which involves a lot of research, but I like it.”

A native of South Texas from the Corpus Christi, Texas area, he had many adventures growing up while working on a family farm during his early school years. Once a lifetime dream to be a farmer, he realized he would have to own or rent a lot of land and it is near impossible to do on a small scale because of commercialization. After attending college for 2 years, he followed his grandfather’s footsteps into the oil and gas industry. With classroom and field training, he became a supervisor for Conoco and coordinated the operations of the drilling and production oil wells in Texas and New Mexico for 11 years. It was a very tough and enduring job in which many days were spent away from home without relief. However, he enjoyed the work because he loved being out in the open fields.

After the slowdown in the oil and gas production industry nationwide due to economic changes, he decided to pursue another career in the technology field of Electronics. He attended and graduated with honors from Texas State Technical College with an Associate Degree in Electronics Technology in 1992. After trying to obtain steady work from different industries in this field, he decided to try Law Enforcement, a field he was passionate about. Bertram attended and graduated from the Del Mar College Regional Police Academy in Corpus Christi. Afterwards, he joined the Nueces County Sheriff Department where he worked the jail and patrol division. Later when the opportunity came, he moved to Austin and began working for Travis County Constable Office Pct. 2.

Sgt. Bertram is known to be fair and respected by many. Sgt. Bertram says, "It has been my calling and my pleasure to serve the public.”

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